Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I'm pretty sure that as of yesterday we have movement!

A couple of times yesterday I thought, a little to the right and below my belly button, that I felt something. I've been having muscle twitches since I was pregnant with Maya-"phantom kicks" as I've called them-moreso since I've been pregnant and everything has been moving and stretching again. So I felt it twice in the same spot, once a couple of taps and another time what felt like, I don't know, I can imagine one of the babies flipping over really fast-and then today I was lying down and over toward my left side I felt the same flipping sensation. I felt Maya during week 13 so this is probably it-exciting! I'm going to ask the doctor next week if she can tell where they are (hmmmm wondering if she will scan me while we're there, just a quick one in the room? I hope so!) and if they are in the spots I think they are.

Having a little more trouble with nausea today-I felt really horrible around lunchtime and then tonight for dinner I wanted nothing-I ended up eating four pizza-y crescent rolls (which were sadly undercooked) and so I REALLY need to eat something now. I bought a salad during Wal-Mart errands but by the time I got home it didn't sound appetizing. The only thing that sounds delicious is a taco and there's NO way I'm making Patrick venture out to get one this late!

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