Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today will be an openly whiny post about how I don't feel well and how my hormones have reached an all time high.

The day started on the wrong foot-I had to get up a few times to use the bathroom, and then my normally amazing little sleeper thought it would be fun to wake up at 7:45. No thanks-I told her to go back to bed, she threw a fit, and was out 5 minutes later. Then when we got up for real (like an hour later) my head was throbbing-I think it was just the bad sleep and HOW I slept, my day started with two Tylenol and a big glass of water.

Lately my uterus has been really crampy, to the point of almost painful. I'm currently chalking it up to the fact that I need. to. drink. more. water but I'm going to ask the doc at my next appointment-usually it's just when I walk (so I walk hunched over because it hurts) but today it happened when I was just sitting down too.

On the hormonal note, we thought we'd be picking up Patrick on Thursday... well that changed. First it was a little over a week delay, then they figured it out and he'd be back on Thursday as planned, and then there was a big snafu and as of right now he has no idea when he'll be back. It's been so back and forth all day, I've definitely had my waa waa moments but I need the kid home. I'm fortunate it's not a deployment-things could be so much worse-but I still have a hard time eating let alone cooking (I've cooked maybe four or five meals since I've been pregnant-gag gag gag) and Maya is in dire need of an actual meal, not just canned soup and a turkey dog. I have a lot of guilt with him being gone because I just feel like I can't give her 100% right now and when Patrick was here he was doing a great job at picking up where I just plain dropped the ball.

Tomorrow's a new day. I hope it's a better one!


Leslie Collins said...

You are allowed to whine....you are growing two babes! It's a lot of working growing one, I cannot imagine double. Hang in there!!!

Megan said...

I agree with Leslie. I wish I was there to help. I'd take Maya and let you rest. Don't feel bad for not giving her 100%. I'm sure she is just fine!
I will be praying Patrick comes home ASAP..
Love you sweet friend