Thursday, June 30, 2011


Last Savannah scan was today! I'll be honest-I won't miss that place or the more-than-half-the-day trips there.

It was very basic-between them being pretty big and me having a lot of fluid on my belly it was hard to see a lot of things and hard to get many good, accurate measurements. No pictures today because it was really impossible to see much (though she was going to give us pictures of their hair-which has grown! They both have a lot of it! But she forgot, and so did we before we left).

Her heartbeat was at 120 (she was chilling out being lazy) and his was at 136. He was moving all over the place by the end of the scan. They were both "breathing" through the entire scan-which the tech said was awesome. The tech also noticed that little lady emptied her bladder-when she scanned her first her bladder was full, and then when she came back later to measure her belly it was smaller and emptied. I think that's funny. And good that her little system is working!

She's measuring at 5lbs 5oz, 45th percentile, and he was at 5lbs 13oz, 65th percentile. I know that measurements aren't always super accurate, and she said they might especially not be this time since there were less available body parts to measure and the babies weren't at ideal angles to get accurate measurements (and there was no room to move the scanny stick thing around to try to get those correct angles). They should be at LEAST those sizes though, that would be a little under 2lbs gained each in the past four weeks-bigger would be awesome! There's only a 7% difference between their weights though so the whole her being head down and possibly him delivering breech isn't an issue. (Though it kind of bothered me that the tech popped her two cents in about delivering a breech baby B-she thought it was nuts and she would just opt for the c-section-well, not her babies, not her body, not her delivery!)

Apparently I was supposed to be having non-stress tests and a biophysical profile done on the babies twice a week and someone somewhere along the line forgot to put in the paperwork for it. The tech was super surprised but after talking to the Perinatologist they decided just to skip it-basically I'd have three more done at the most, today and then two next week, and since they did so good with the scan today (heartbeats, practice breathing, fluid levels great) it's just not necessary at this point. I'm SO glad. I definitely don't feel like going to Savannah twice next week on top of an appointment at Naval-and Naval checks my fluid levels anyway.

I treated myself to one last manicure and pedicure tonight! Now my fingers and toes are happy and nice and pretty for the babies to come. If my legs are massively swollen from all of this fluid, at least my toes look cute!

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AJD ∞ said...

I'm so excited for you guys! All of you guys! And I'm so impressed they're that big! Hooray!