Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Doctor's appointment went well-thought I'd have to go in prepared for a fight regarding an induction date, but we didn't even talk about that today (woohoo!) ...heartbeats were good, hers was at 135 and his was at 141. Weight gain is at 42lbs which is a good amount for right now. The doctor two weeks ago said I'd have to get the GBS test today, but since I'm only 34w4d and not 35w apparently they can't do it... not accurate yet... something, even though they had me covered with a sheet and all ready for it. I'm measuring at 44w today which I can do nothing but laugh at the ridiculousness of it.

She checked my cervix, and surprise-I'm dilated to 1cm. She could also feel A's head right there, which is good because her chances of flipping back over are pretty slim at this point so it looks like she'll definitely be able to be delivered at least and then we'll just have to see what B does. I'm anxious to see how long it's going to be after this until I go into labor. This here is what happened the day before I had Maya-wasn't dilated at all-I know all pregnancies and labors are different but I'm just so curious. I guess we just continue to play the waiting game now!

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