Monday, June 20, 2011


I'm glad I don't have TOO much further to go-opening the door today was like opening the door to the oven! It's consistently been in the high 90's with the heat index well, well over 100-but today actual temps were over 100 and heat index/humidity made it completely unbearable. Not good since I am pretty sensitive to the heat and swell quickly (I did with Maya too).

I'm completely amazed at how my seemingly nonexistent energy level continues to drop. Yesterday for Father's Day we went to brunch on base... so basically I got up, showered, went to eat a meal I didn't prepare, and then ran in with Patrick to get his hair cut since we were already there and I didn't feel like sitting out in the hot van or wasting the gas keeping it running... and it was all I could do after we got home to drag myself into the house, change into some "comfortable" clothes (I say "comfortable" because nothing fits) and flop myself into bed. I'm definitely thankful to have an understanding, helpful husband that just lets me go and takes care of Maya and the house when I need it-which is now pretty much every day!

Today I gave in to some pretty intense cravings. The KFC commercials have been showing a random bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy... and every time I see it I about claw out my eyes wanting it. I haven't eaten KFC since I was pregnant with Maya-but today it finally got to me. So Patrick and Maya sat down to eat their nice healthy low-sodium dinner of grilled chicken breast, salad, and strawberries, and I headed down the road to fulfill my craving induced dreams. I got a meal with two bowls of mashed potatoes, got an extra two biscuits (and then they jipped me out of my original biscuit!) and some chicken strips that were actually pretty good since I seem to hate chicken these days. And then I stopped at BK to pick up a cherry slushie. Boy it's a good thing we don't live right in town-I'd be enormous and we'd be poor!

(Also: got a bill today from my fun afternoon being monitored a couple of weeks ago (I thought I was preregistered but I wasn't apparently-whoops! No worries-it'll be taken care of tomorrow). It was an insane $563. For three hours of being hooked up to monitors. Thank goodness for insurance-there's no way we could do this without!)

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