Monday, June 6, 2011


Had a doctor's appointment this morning. I was glad to have it-last night Patrick tried to put his arm around my belly when we were about to fall asleep and I kind of yelped in pain-my entire belly hurts when I'm lying down. I figured it's pulled ligaments-I have them on both sides on the bottom of my belly-it was nice to get confirmation that yes, that's all it is. Also this morning I had pain so horribly on the top of my belly (not to the side in pre-e worry style) that I thought I was going to have to sit down on the floor to finish getting dressed and call Patrick to come home. It passed though. It did it again this afternoon after my nap, and I had mentioned it to the doc when I was there but it's all typical being super enormous stuff apparently. My body thinks I'm completely full term-so it's going to act that way.

Appointment went well though-her heartbeat was a high 190 but she was in the middle of wiggling around quite a bit, and his was in the 140's. Blood pressure is good, reports from my scan came back great (so no non-stress tests for me!) and there is only a 5% discrepancy between their weights which is very good when it comes to what I want to do regarding labor and delivery. I go back in two weeks, when they will do my group B strep test and start with the checking of my cervix (I asked her not to this time-she couldn't see it on the ultrasound so we're just continuing to hope and pray that it's not starting to open). I am measuring at 39 weeks now, so I'm officially bigger than I was with Maya when I delivered her at 38w4d... I had only been measuring 6 weeks ahead (used to be 8 when they started measuring) so now that it's back to 7 they must be gaining a little faster-which I'm thrilled about. Big babies are healthy babies!

As far as delivery goes, I feel like they keep pulling back my dates. The doctor said if I start labor between 34-35w they will keep me here at our hospital and just deliver (not sure if it's since they are pretty good weights and my pregnancy has gone as smooth as it possibly could have or what, or if it'll depend on what doctor is on duty) and they will induce between 36-37w (heeeck no-I wanted to fight for 38w-I'm NOT going to let them induce before 37, unless there is reason to-babies start to be stressed, my BP gets funny, etc) ...soooo I'm kind of in a dilemma. I don't want to induce in the first place so I think around 34w I'll start walking. That's a lot earlier than I hoped but... it's not like this is a singleton birth.

As usual the doc asked about my plans for L&D (can I really just opt for a c-section? I can't imagine just wanting that off the bat... no offense to people who do) and she agreed that since baby girl is head down and so far down things are looking good for a delivery (!!!). Patrick was kind of dumbfounded when the doc was talking about the logistics of baby boy, about how a breech delivery COULD possibly be easier (and definitely allowed for me, going back to the 5% discrepancy, he's bigger). It's so funny thinking about how they might not just come out one after another, it could be quite some time apart... I guess you just don't really think about stuff like that.

Regardless, it's going to be soon. It's completely insane to me. Patrick said he kind of had a "moment" at work today when it just hit him that this is really happening... could be tonight, could be a month from now. But it's soon. I'm so thankful to have made it this far-and with no complications, no bedrest. I've really enjoyed this pregnancy even despite the aches and pains. I'm going to miss it-feeling them fight inside (soon I'll be watching them bat at each other!) and this ridiculous belly. It already makes me long for another pregnancy, though talk of that would be FAR later down the road (especially since my odds of twins again definitely goes up. By like four times).

And I just have to say-having a contraction with a full bladder is the worst thing in the world.


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