Friday, June 24, 2011


Well chances are I'm not going to high-tail it through all of the stages of labor in a little less than four hours... so I'm excited that we'll be making it to 35 weeks!

We've got more little "signs" over here. Not necessarily meaning I'm going into labor tonight but meaning it's coming soon-I lost a little bit of my plug today (SO strange to me because I didn't (knowingly) lose it with Maya). Could mean labor is starting in a few hours, could mean it's happening in a couple of weeks... the plug can replenish itself, and I didn't lose a ton in the first place. Just a little more confirmation that it is indeed going to happen before long.

Also tonight I had an odd eyesight spell again-like a few weeks ago after Patrick's triathlon. I drank a Gatorade and had some dinner and it was better-still have a horrible headache though, and am having contractions here and there.

This morning (jeesh I'm all over the place) my neighbor took Maya to play again... so I got to do nothing but lie here on the couch for a couple of hours! It was delightful. But it lets me know, since I've been SUPER lazy since my appointment on Wednesday, that these babies are on their own agenda... I think we won't start walking until we hit 36 weeks, because it seems like they want some encouragement!

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