Saturday, July 2, 2011


Honestly, I didn't think I'd get this far! I'm super glad I did-most worries of NICU time for the babies has passed by now, thankfully! Chances are, we'll have take-home kiddos :) Today's picture is a whole one, so you can see what my ridiculous belly looks like compared to my (lack of) height, since you can't really tell with the "just belly" shots.

Today was a teensy bit miserable, but sort of self-perpetuated. We had a lazy morning, I organized our shopping list, and we hit the commissary. Took an hour and a half... mainly because of my (lack of) speed and feeling kind of icky from the start. We got our shopping done though, got home, and I tried to nap-I completely hit a wall after all that walking and then sitting in the van on the way home.

Conveniently, though, the TOILET in our master bathroom is all of a sudden on the fritz. I'm guessing it's a seal issue but as we have shelves over it we can't get to the insides easily... we have to take apart the shelf system and move it out of the way and then investigate. It makes this horrid squeaking filling-up noise every few minutes... I'm a light sleeper anyway, and since the bathroom is literally right there... well it just doesn't work. So I laid in bed just angry. And inally got up because I was so crabby. And was thankful that yesterday Patrick got me a Kit Kat that I hadn't eaten yet. If it does it all night tonight I'll be blowing up the air mattress and sleeping in the babies' room, that's for sure!

My legs continue to be complete tree trunks. They as a whole ached today and looked as if I've put on (seriously) 100lbs or more. And to tie into that, some lady called me fat yesterday-in the context of saying to Maya "Oh your mommy is so big and fat!"'s a good thing my kindness and patience was ruling yesterday instead of hormones. I am NOT fat. I am unbelievably swollen and unbelievably super pregnant-NOT fat. I've gained weight, yes, but it's still on the lesser end of what the doctor said (50-60lbs) and every single pound is to make for bigger babies. It doesn't bother me what I've gained or what I look like. I'm secure enough in what my job is right now. Her comment annoyed me. I just kept my mouth shut and kept talking to the other women who were there. Still, I can't wait until all of this swelling goes away-it hurts.

9 days or less!

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