Monday, June 13, 2011


Today I had three pieces of pizza and three cookies for dinner-so far. It's ok with me. Especially the cookie part.

I earned my keep though-the house is pretttty clean! We had visitors come-our Pastor and his family from NC, it was wonderful for them to stop through on their way back from Florida-so of course nothing kicks us into cleaning mode like people coming over. Problem is I forgot they were stopping until late last night-so it started early this morning, included a couple of small projects on our to-do list, and now as long as we can keep up with things we'll be in good shape for when the babies arrive. But now I'm exhausted, I can't walk (on account of my back AND super swollen cankle-y feet) but I feel super accomplished so it was a good day overall.

I'm going to talk about an odd thing I noticed with this pregnancy... so if you don't like gory details about pregnancy, feel free to skip (but it's obviously something I don't mind sharing on the internet so it's not THAT bad). Stretch marks. Underneath my belly. I got them with Maya (stretch marks don't bother me, it's not like I have ever been one to walk around in bikinis anyway!) but something interesting is happening with them-I think since there is so much weight pressing down on my stomach, the stretch marks are popping out. For example-typically you'd expect a stretch mark to be like a small ditch/trench/what have you, but it's opposite-like I just planted rows of corn or something. They hurt too, very sensitive, as of course raw stretched skin is. Sooo odd though. And some of them are deep purple. Hello, pressure! The ones on top are stretching more than they did with Maya so they are bright red in the capillaries popping sense, but the whole under my belly thing is so strange-and giving my belly an odd shape from the front view.

And-I'm wondering if I'm getting an ear infection. Not positive as I have never had one before... but my right ear has been aching a lot today. Anyone out there have any good home remedies? Definitely don't want to take meds at this point... but I wouldn't want it to get horrible either, if it is what it is! Just gotta play the waiting game I guess.

Now off to sync my iPod with the playlists I made for labor... one more thing to check off my list! Woohoo!

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