Saturday, June 4, 2011


Well 32 weeks sure came in with a fanfare... woke me up at 6 this morning with some intense contractions! The one that actually woke me up was a few minutes long... I was really crampy (back and front) and the contraction was so tight that I couldn't even roll over in bed to try to get OUT of bed to walk around and attempt to alleviate it... since it wasn't just going away on its own. I finally got out of bed and I walked around looking for the L&D number for the hospital but it went away... so I parked myself on the couch with a Gatorade, a Fiber One bar, and a blanket and just tried to relax.

After Patrick got up a few minutes later to go to his 5K I climbed back in bed and fell asleep... but it wasn't good sleep because I kept waking up to the contractions (I never had them with Maya until I was started on Pitocin after my water broke at home, so this is totally new for me) and I finally just got up when he came home. They continued through the morning and the early afternoon when I went and ate lunch with some friends, so I popped in to be monitored.

3 hours later... I was indeed having contractions, quite a few of them, but nothing time-able or consistent (which I knew but was just hoping that they weren't making progress). The nurse checked me and my cervix is soft but still closed, and I had an fFN test but came back negative (which means that the chances of me going into labor in the next two weeks are only like 1% or less-woohoo!) and I don't have a bladder infection (which they randomly tested for too). So my instructions for coming home were to just rest a lot... thankfully no bedrest still! And I'll definitely obey the "rest a lot" instructions-I'm SO tired and I'm still contracting so I'm a little uncomfortable as well.
This, though, kicks our motivation into high gear as far as finishing our "getting ready" things. I need to update my iPod, which I can do just being lazy, and there are a couple of things for Patrick to do and we'll be good. The countdown sure has begun-though hopefully we still have a little bit!

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AJD ∞ said...

I hope you still have some time, but this post was really exciting! You're almost there! Crazy!