Thursday, June 2, 2011


I will NOT lie-I was really nervous about today's Savannah scan! Thankfully it went great and it was a huge reassurance that everything's going just fine and we have no reason to not expect them to go completely full term!

The tech couldn't really see my cervix too well (whoops, had just used the bathroom) but she said it didn't look open at all so that's good. I'm going to ask them to check it (via ultrasound of course) when I go to Naval on Monday for my checkup there. I've really been hoping these are just BH that I've been having and wanted to double check that it's not progressing anything... I guess nothing too much!

Babies look great-they are growing, and getting quite cramped! She's back to head down and he's transverse/breech depending on what minute you are looking at him-so hopefully they stay that way! The scan was only about a half hour since there's so much less you can check at this point with the lack of space-it was very nice on my sciatic nerve :) I usually have a problem with it there since I have to lie on my back on the table for so long.

A is still a girl (I crack up at this point when they say "still a ___" because yeah... after this many scans, if it changed, it would be an act of God!) ...her heartbeat was at 140, she's measuring 3lbs12oz (39th percentile-up from 31st last time) and has a bit of hair! They were both very wiggly today, both of them practice breathing (woohoo!) and she kept putting her hands to/in her mouth while we looked. It's fun kind of having a little window to what they are up to!

Nose picker? Hahaha just kidding.
Here's her hair, where the arrows are pointing!
Face shot-super rare with her
B continues to be a little bigger than his sister, which really isn't too much of a surprise. His heartbeat was at 146, and he's sitting at 3lbs15oz (WOO HOO!! Almost 4lbs! 55th percentile, amazingly, up from 39th last time). He was sitting with his face pointed at my back so she couldn't get any good pictures of him at all... usually he's the photogenic one too. He does have a little hair too... less than his sister, but you can see it in this picture:
What a sweetheart! I can't believe we're chugging along and the day after tomorrow I will only have three weeks until Naval won't stop labor. Craziness to me. I know I say it all the time-but the feeling is all the same, a little bit of panic that it's so close but mostly wondering where time went! I guess that's what happens when you take the time to enjoy a pregnancy? Just need to keep shoveling in the protein-I've been trying to drink more of the Carnation breakfasts (not for breakfast, through the day) lately.

My feet are the most swollen they've been yet today. It's still been SO hot-mid 90's, heat index around 100-but even though I stay indoors in the AC (and today in the car in the AC, there honestly was only a little bit of time I was outdoors-walking to and from the car mostly, and not tons of time on my feet) it's been awful. They hurt right now, but I'm too tired to go soak them or anything. I'm so glad I took my wedding rings off a couple of months ago-there's no way I could wear them in this! When I took my flip flops off in the car there were even pathetic little indentations-poor things!

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