Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This is random, but I keep forgetting about it: I've got the wonderful linea negra this time! I didn't have it with Maya at all, and right now it's super super faint-not even sure if someone could tell if they saw it. I'm guessing it's because the incredible increase in hormones this pregnancy? Just kind of makes me laugh because it's one more thing that makes this pregnancy polar opposite :)

Also, today has been more than just hitting a wall-it's like me sitting crumpled up at the bottom of a wall! I think that I'm having some iron issues although I am taking my iron supplements, I just feel nutritionally depleted and more exhausted than I ever was even in the newborn stage with Maya (when we were up every couple of hours for feedings and she was colicky the rest of the time). This too shall pass-but days like today I am super thankful for my neighbor! She had asked me this past weekend if she could take Maya for a playdate with her little man this morning (we used to do Wednesday morning playdates every week but I'm just too tired now) so Maya went to her house and I got to sit here and bask in the quiet and do nothing. It was simply amazing. Lauren, if you are reading this, thank you again! It meant so much just to have those couple of hours... and Maya talked about your playdate all day :)

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