Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Doctor's appointment today-if it went well or not depends on who you ask, Patrick or myself! He's distraught that there hasn't been progress, I'm comforted by the plans that were made and things that were discussed.

Heartbeats were good-hers at 142 and his at 148, fluid around the babies looks great, they are STILL in the same position as they've been in. I had my Group B Strep test today, and was checked again-still at 1cm, 50% effaced (not sure how effaced I was last week-she didn't tell me) and I am measuring at 46w.

We talked about labor details today and induction, and I'm SO glad I had the doctor I had today. He's our favorite, and the one who initially ordered the twins' ultrasound in the ER way back when. I just felt like he came in and any questions and concerns I had about the things we're about to face he addressed without me even asking... he's all for letting me go as long as I'd like, with minimal/no interventions during labor, and said that so is one of the other doctors (the one who did the scope on my tubes in September). They will both deliver a breech baby B if he doesn't flip/they can't flip him after A comes out (she's totally prime candidate for delivery and I shouldn't have any problems with her). I am comfortable with a breech delivery as well, so as long as I have one of those two providers I'm going to have the birth that I want (as long as no problems arise-in that situation though I'm not stubborn enough to not be flexible at the last minute).

The problem is if I go into labor and one of the other two doctors are on the delivery schedule for that day. They are not comfortable with delivering breech, so if he doesn't flip they'll deliver him by c-section (which is lovingly referred to in the multiples world as a "double whammy"). I would be very disappointed, but I'm not going to hope or expect a doctor to do something they are not comfortable with. So. Everyone hope and pray I don't have either of those two doctors :)

I had an issue before with the fact that they were going to induce me earlier than I wanted to be induced. The doctor today made a point that I completely agree with-he completely supports what I want to do as far as L&D plans, and the easiest way to try and manipulate that situation is to induce as soon as it's "smart" to with one of the two providers that are going to most likely give me the birth I hope for. I turn 37w on Saturday the 9th-and the first time one of those two are on duty is Monday the 11th, so the doctor is going to discuss that with the other one (who is the one who will be on) and then put in my induction paperwork-I should know a final answer when we go for our appointment next week. I'll be 37w2d, the babies will be well over 6lbs each, and hopefully very healthy at that point. I'll ask for the Pitocin to just try and give me a kick-start to labor, and then we'll go from there. So-in this situation I am okay with the induction. He'd personally let me go as far as I could or wanted to but the further we go the more we chance not getting one of the two that will deliver breech (I feel like I'm being redundant, I just have no brain to explain myself).

There is of course the chance that I'll go before that. July 11 is still 12 days away. I have NO idea how I still have plug left-it must be regenerating at lightning speed-but I keep losing it. In the case I do go early, please be praying I get one of the doctors we're hoping for!

If you asked me if I was ready just a few days ago, I'd say no. But now it's a yes. It doesn't bother me, the thought of still having almost two weeks to go, I'd be fine with that because I know how fast it's going to fly. If I went into labor though I wouldn't-couldn't-be disappointed anymore. I'm over 35 1/2 weeks pregnant. I got this far, and am so thankful, it's further than some make it. They'd be big, and strong. Patrick is COMPLETELY ready. If he could sweet talk those babies out he would. Poor guy is so stressed, can't work efficiently... just over the anticipation that it could be any second that I call. I guess that's the one downfall of my water breaking with Maya (though I hope it happens that way this time!) -it was an all of a sudden thing and could very well be again.

Tonight I made cayenne brownies. Tasty. They are supposed to put people in labor but they've not worked a single time for the people I've baked them for/shared the recipe with. I've also started drinking raspberry leaf tea to prepare for labor... but still no walking yet, I'm far too tired for that! :)

Last growth scan in Savannah tomorrow... can't wait to see them and see about how big they are!


The Flemings said...

You should also try evening primrose oil. You can take it orally and rub it on your cervix for an extra kick. It softens your cervix. I will pray you don't have to be induced. Pit is a horrible drug and makes labor so intense. If you do have to have pit and you opt for no pain meds try to keep them from breaking your water. Laboring with water vs without is like night and day. I'm crossing my fingers and toes for the good Dr and no induction. I think I would start walking a few days prior to your induction date if you haven't already gone into labor. Love you and miss you, I can't wait to see pics.

Kris said...

You are amazing!.. I love how at peace you are with the whole thing, just ready whenever they are.. haha Poor Patrick though!

I will definitely be praying for you that everything, doctors, timing, scheduling, delivery etc.. all happen exactly as they need to, but mostly that you and your precious ones are perfect :)

So close! You've been amazing through this whole process!! I know you're tired, but you're almost there!!! :)

Nate & Kas said...

You just amaze me and I love you!!!! I thank God every day that you post a blog and have those babies in there longer, but I am glad you're no longer worried!!! I cannot wait to see them!!!! :)