Thursday, March 24, 2011


Allrighty folks: I've officially hit the wall!

I'll tell you what, if we have a singleton in the future I will MOST DEFINITELY enjoy the entirety of the second trimester. Things have rapidly been going downhill!

In a week and a half the only night I got good sleep was the night I took a Benadryl... and the next morning I woke up with that gray haze of medicated sleep lingering till noonish. It left me wondering if it was worth it or not-even though I'll likely do the same thing tonight! My old back problems are reeeeally kicking into high gear, the weight of my belly while trying to sleep is so much on my back muscles... I need to order one of those maternity support belts. Tomorrow. After I check the secondhand store first. I wake up in the morning exhausted from waking up a million times (not even to go to the bathroom!) and in a lot of pain. Good thing is, I know that as soon as I deliver this will all be gone. It won't last forever. (I'm so glad this pregnancy isn't my first-I thought the ailments with Maya would never be gone. I felt miserable. It's definitely a different perspective this time around!)

I'm learning my new limits as well. This morning I did some cleaning, then Maya and I showered and grabbed lunch out together and went to pick up just a few grocery things... since she typically doesn't cooperate with me in the store, today being no exception, it was an exhausting trip. She was totally "that kid". Unfortunately, when Patrick got home from work, he had to haul a few things to the dump with the van and I needed to go to Food Lion to grab the couple of things I couldn't find earlier... I had to take the car, which started the meltdown. Maya LOVES our new van. She screamed from the time I tried to put her in her carseat to go (Patrick had to do it because she was thrashing too hard for me to handle, I was already exhausted from earlier), all through the store (she was REALLY "that kid"-I was SO MAD) and even continued on when Patrick met us up at Food Lion knowing I'd need a hand (seriously-God bless my husband. He's awesome). She magically stopped about two minutes before we were ready to leave, of course, and was completely fine after that. I've now sworn to not take her shopping with me alone the rest of this pregnancy unless it's absolutely necessary. Before we even started dinner I was in tons of pain and so exhausted-after dinner Patrick made me sit and I'm having BH contractions. TERRIBLE twos. Oh my land. She's so... spirited, and it's really not mixing well with this pregnancy.

So all of that is apparently more than I can handle in one day. I've exceeded my limit. It's going to be hard going through the next three months at a lower gear than this, but it's going to be necessary with the safety of the babies in mind.

Time for pajamas, Tylenol, and bed. Wowza!

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