Saturday, March 26, 2011


Growing steadily! When people find out (or people see me who know) we're having twins I always get "oh you look so small!" ...not sure if I'm supposed to look like the Titanic quite yet or something-still looking about 8 weeks ahead (about how I was at 30w with Maya) so I definitely personally feel huge (and have the pain to match) but who knows, maybe I'm smaller... which is just fine with me! I'm not exactly excited to have my belly be as far out as half my height :)

Yesterday was as good as the day before was bad. I didn't do much at all and it felt great. We did, however, attempt to put the babies' dresser together after Maya went to bed, and after we got all of the pieces out of the box realized that one of the pieces was split in half. I had to call for a replacement today and thankfully they'll have it out right away, but their room will be on hold for a little bit. Glad we're starting now-we wouldn't have wanted a hiccup like this 10 weeks from now!

Then today I felt awful again. We went to our favorite bagel place for lunch, stopped at the consignment shop (I like to scope out preemie onesies and pajamas, for just in case, because I'm not buying new-who knows, they could come out bigger than Maya was!) and went on a quick trip to the grocery store-I was whooped by the end (and this time Maya was an ANGEL in the store... I couldn't stop praising her after we left! I can't wait till she's past this "testing" phase because I know how good she can be!) home, put the little one in her room for some quiet time, and attempted a nap. Two and a half hours of big fat fail. My back hurt too bad to comfortably lay there in the first place, Patrick was playing the wii and Maya was having conversations... so I just ended up grumpily getting up. Can't wait for bed here in a little while!

Also, I love being able to watch my belly move around now. Someone is kicking right now, and I can't tell who because it's right in the middle. They are definitely super active (she is especially late at night)!

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