Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Back from five wonderfully amazing, relaxing days of rest and relaxation in Florida! It was just what I needed-the Braxton Hicks died down a lot-but I'm definitely starting to feel very pregnant. My belly feels like it weighs a ton and is SO heavy-here and there it really hurts to walk. And when I need to go to the bathroom I really have the pregnant waddle going on. I need to look into one of those belly support things or something, haha! I took an 18 week picture on Saturday but it wasn't anything great, since it wasn't in front of my normal window, but I got one of Maya and I later that evening:

I tried to work on my weight gain a little while in Florida but only gained one pound. If I did the same thing not pregnant, it would have for sure easily been five! We're getting there-eleven pounds so far.

Today Maya and I went to lunch at our favorite bagel place on our way to go grocery shopping. I had my usual, a turkey wrap with lettuce and jalapeno cream cheese-I ate half of it, and then by the time I started on the other half Active Baby was going WILD! I'm not sure if that was a "I really like it" or "I really hate it"-I'm curious as to how quickly the babies start to get the nutrients from the food I eat and how quickly blood sugar levels change, etc, and if me starting to eat really had an impact. I've noticed before that Active Baby seems really sensitive to whenever I eat or whenever I drink a little caffeine, so I'm curious to see how it'll play out for the rest of my pregnancy and how he or she will be (personality wise) after birth. Of course I tried to eat a little oatmeal a bit ago to try to get Active Baby to move and kick in hopes that maybe Patrick could feel (though he didn't feel Maya until 21 weeks so I'm not holding my breath) but of course apparently it's naptime. When I go to bed and Patrick is snoring away that's when the action will begin.

Speaking of Patrick-7 weeks gone to Arizona has probably been drastically reduced to a little "I'll sleep good for a few days with the bed to myself" trip! Super excited and hoping it stays the same. This unit just works so much differently than our last one did, dynamics wise, they have a completely different focus-it's taken a little adjusting but at least we're really not new to this anymore! Hope and pray it stays the same, folks... I'd really LOVE him here for most of the upcoming weeks as the everyday things are starting to be more of a challenge!

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