Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today was a productive day in our house!

First of all, we finished painting the babies' room, finally. We got the paint fixed yesterday but were too tired to work on the room. Today while Maya wasn't napping (but playing oh so good in her room) I finished the two walls that needed to be done, and then touched up a couple of places that needed it on the other walls-problem with that was that the paint was the right shade, just a TINY bit darker than the other can still so rather than just saying "whatever, hope no one notices" we took the extra hour to go over the other two walls too. It goes really fast when Patrick and I work together (this is the last room in the house to be painted) so it really wasn't a big deal. I'm excited that it looks good-I love it so much, it competes with the bathroom as my favorite color in the house! I'll post pictures in a couple of days, once we get the bookshelf, crib, and changing table pushed back towards where they are (hopefully) going to go.

In exciting purchase news, I got a long dresser from Sears-regularly priced $435, on sale, free shipping, and used my Heroes at Home gift cards-for $85! I wasn't going to buy new but that's as much as I would have paid for a used dresser plus all of the materials to refinish it. It'll be arriving in just a couple of weeks too!

Biggest of it all though-in a random chain of events we might be buying a van sooner than we thought-a LOT sooner. We had said May-ish originally, but Patrick has been keeping his eye out for good deals. This evening he came home from work and declared that he found "the one"-the make and model we were looking for, 2009, not HORRIBLE on miles (a lot for an '09) at a really good price. We decided to play with numbers-he called to find out how much our insurance would go up adding the second vehicle (more than half less than what I thought, to my excitement) and got pre-approved for our auto loan. We're going to keep our eye out still but hopefully in the next week or so make an appointment to go see it (and try to haggle the price down even more! ha! both of us are horrible with that). So, one of these days don't be surprised if you see a picture of our new VAN in the driveway! (Oh that intimidates me!)

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Jen said...

That's so exciting about the van! What kind?

Also, random dorky carseat questions: but have you thought of your configuration of 3 seats? I'd be interested in seeing pics later on, once you have 3 seats installed. I know...I'm a dork!