Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Yup, sick. Thankfully it's probably just my sinuses draining, giving me a sore throat... got some meds today before it makes me completely miserable, and aside from feeling completely wiped out, I'm not feeling as horrible as I did last night. It got bad after I posted-my throat was on fire and I had a HORRIBLE case of heartburn. I took a couple of Tums, drank a small glass of milk, popped in a Jolly Rancher to get some saliva working in my favor and sat up for a bit... then went to bed and prayed for quick sleep. Thankfully it worked.

This morning I had an interesting wake-up though-I got up to use the bathroom when Patrick woke up for work, and fell getting out of bed. Our bed is so tall that I kind of slide out of it, I can't just step down and test my footing-so I slid down (I've never had problems before) and apparently something was up with my sciatic nerve because my leg just crumbled as soon as I touched the floor. Thankfully Patrick was right there to help! It happened again when I got up for good, so I just have to start being careful when I get out of bed. (And please, no one worry, I didn't fall hard-I'm too short for that, and we have nice soft carpet!)

I didn't get anything done today that I was hoping to get done. Tomorrow we're in a crunch-I'm just calling it quits on Maya's quilt for a week or so, I'll get it back out once we're done painting and putting furniture together. We need to tape up the room so that Thursday night, if we're feeling really motivated, Patrick can get one coat of paint on. At least it'll make tomorrow fly by-we're getting closer and closer to our appointment!

Speaking of our appointment, make sure and vote (in the sidebar on the right hand side) in the Expect Net poll as to what our babies are. The winner will be the recipient of a gift certificate to one of my favorite companies... but only votes placed before we make the big announcement on Thursday will be eligible! So go vote! (Plus, I'll print out the page to put in their baby books... so it will make it fun for us to look back on someday!)

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