Monday, March 21, 2011


Good doc appointment today!

So far my weight gain is up to 15 pounds, which he was happy with but of course I'm worried if it's enough. At this point with Maya I hadn't gained a pound-so this of course is totally different-but I'm gaining odd, I'll be at the same weight for a week or so and then overnight add a pound or two. As long as it's getting there that's fine and dandy-I'm just still having a hard time eating (and getting my calories in-he said I need to be eating 3000-3500 a day-WHAT?! I don't even get 2000 I bet) ...for the past two nights for dinner I've had a bowl of cereal because nothing sounds good at all. They're growing-I'm measuring at 28 weeks-so he said that's all that matters, because apparently they are getting what they need.

Got to see them of course (since it's easier to look for heartbeats on the machine rather than with the doppler) and little man flipped back over and is head up and is nestled up in my ribs (no wonder I've been having to stretch out sometimes to get good breaths in! And even though he's still so little, I wonder if that's what I felt the other day when he did something and it hurt so bad I had to grab onto the kitchen counter for support-I figured he was turning over but maybe that's when he was flipping over). They were both being suuuper active-both still a boy and a girl, haha-and he was kicking her in the stomach. Such love.

The doctor talked a little about what to expect as far as a timeline when things get closer. At 35 weeks (June 25) I'll be considered term with them. If I haven't had them by 37 weeks they like to induce then (though I'll probably have been doing the old walking trick that got Maya out for a few weeks by then, or beg them to let me go another week-not a fan of inducing) but I really don't think I'll go that far anyway.

All of my bloodwork from the last appointment came back, it was all just fine-including my sickle screen, haha! Next appointment will be more tests, including protein, anemia, and blood glucose-wooooohoo. It's going to all start moving along quickly now as my appointments with them will stagger with my ones at the Perinatologist so I'll have one every couple of weeks at max. I like that they have a hands-off method of dealing with things if there are no issues or complications present. This is going to make it speed by even faster though... I really wish it would slow down already!

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