Saturday, March 12, 2011


5 months pregnant! Woohoo! Definitely feeling more than that!

I've started getting up really early in the morning because I'm tired of fighting sleep, especially in the mornings. It's not worth it anymore because I don't sleep good... so I might as well get up and be productive! Nighttime is a joke-I have a hard time turning over, my back is constantly in pain, so I just kind of pray for quick sleep :)

Everyday things are getting increasingly difficult too. I found myself getting really out of breath and having a hard time picking up the floor this afternoon-Maya's pajamas and some of her toys and such-the babies are sitting pushing up against my lungs so even when I'm sitting down it's uncomfortable. I wouldn't trade this for the world and am still so thankful that I'm pregnant in the first place-so I just kind of laugh it away, what else can you do-it's going to be an interesting next three months or so :) I just wish they'd go a TEENY bit to the side, instead of being completely vertical!

We painted their room today-we went to the store still not knowing what colors we'd do. The obvious choices would be brown/tan, green, or yellow as far as being neutral goes... well I wanted something bright and fun so the browns were out, the color green I would have wanted we already have the bathroom painted in, and yellow was a definite runner (it was a bright yellow-like a macaroni and cheese yellow). In the end we left the choice up to Maya. Yellow (we would have accented with a lot of blues and purples) or blue and fishies (accenting with purple, green, and a deep yellow... pretty much the same color schemes just in a different order) and she picked the fishy room (please don't get theme-y on us, folks! We're not buying bedding sets for partially that reason!) and we're completely in love with the color.

So we got home from choosing and buying the paint and started when Maya went down for her quiet time... we had 1/4 of one wall left to paint and the second coat of a smaller wall to do and that was it and we'd be done when we had to crack open the second can. We were VERY disappointed to see that the colors were different-this can was a little more green (and you could tell as soon as it went on the walls)! So now we have to wait till Monday morning to go back to the store and have them fix their error and to finish that last tiny tiny bit of painting. Here's a little sample of the color:

On the walls it dries a teeny bit darker than that but that's the shade. It's so bright and so fun-it's called "Under the Sea", appropriate for what we're doing their room in! I took a picture of the wall when we were done but it looks more teal-ish. I'll have to take a picture with morning light at some point. Once the walls are painted we'll bring the crib back in and re-assemble it, and then get the second crib and a dresser-once the furniture pieces are in we'll decide if we have room to keep the changing table (I hope so! I love the storage space under it!) and then we'll slowly start picking out decorations. We're trying not to get too much of a "baby" or "nursery" look-aside from sleeping, Maya hardly spent any time in her room until recently when she started playing really independently and we relocated her toys from the living room! We are trying to choose things that grow with them-on a one-income household we're not about to redecorate in a year.

I know it may sound early to a lot of people to be doing all of this stuff, but I'm exhausted already and all I pretty much did was run some errands this morning and paint this afternoon and I'm completely wiped-I want to be able to get the nursery done when I still have energy to do so! Sounds silly but I want to do it myself-I don't want to have to dictate to someone else what I want done with it. We've waited too long for these babies to not be able to enjoy this fun part :)

Got a second swing at a garage sale today too-I was going to wait to see if both of them loved the swing, but this one was very obviously well taken care of so I just had to! One more thing off the "to find" list!

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Jessi said...

I'm in LOVE with this color! Lucky babies!