Thursday, March 3, 2011


Every morning I have lofty goals for the day. Nesting takes place, in my head, as Maya and I go through our normal morning routine-breakfast, showers, picking up the kitchen and doing dishes-but then by the time Patrick has been and gone back to work from lunch and Maya has eaten and gone down for a nap my lofty goals take a backseat to my sleepiness. Sleepiness always wins. The mess can (most of the time) wait. So, today is another one of those days. I already have my pillow and blanket on the couch with me and Maya is pretty darn quiet in her room.

One week until we find out what we are having-if they are being cooperative! That gives us a time crunch-one week to clean out their room and get painter's tape around the windows, floorboards, etc. Their room used to be pretty clean actually-and then we gave Maya a big bed and put the (unassembled) crib in their room, along with the bookshelf that will live in there (if there's room), and then last week when we all of a sudden decided to paint the living room it became the dumping ground for the two bigger bookshelves we have. And it's all still in there, waiting to be sorted out (hopefully tonight!) ...but for fairness sake, before we begin, here is a before picture:
If you go here the same thing happened to Maya's room before we started it (at the apartment). No we don't live like that, so don't think we're gross or anything... I think that's just how we do when big projects happen apparently!

And while we're on pictures, here's one of the addition we made to our bedroom-the stepstool finally. And that mess, however, is one I don't plan on cleaning up anytime soon. Not at the top of my list anyway!
Fun fact about last night-the babies kicked each other or something! I've been having a hard time feeling the second baby, which admittedly makes me nervous (because I tend to be nervous about everything) but last night I was feeling him or her a little bit (maybe, if the placenta is in the way, preventing me from typically feeling the movement, little baby has grown enough to where the placenta isn't completely in the way anymore? Who knows!). Active Baby of course was going at it. All of a sudden Active Baby kicked and moved pretty big and immediately after Lazy Baby reacted-like a pa-pow! It was really funny-I definitely got a kick out of it-and I'm sure it's just a small taste of what I will be experiencing soon!

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Kris said...

Thanks for sharing your ever changing story :) It's one of my favorites to "tune in to watch"... I don't have time to watch tv.. but I love reading your always entertaining stories about what is going on in your world!