Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Lazy Baby is no longer as lazy as he or she used to be. Today has been quite the show! Not AS much movement as Active Baby, but I have a feeling that's because the feet face my back so I can't feel those kicks. I've been feeling a lot of movement up there but I think it's arms that are doing it. We'll see tomorrow-eek! I'm just as excited to (hopefully) find out what we're having as I am figuring out how they are situated in there-I used to think I kind of knew but now I have no idea at all. Except that active baby's feet kick me in the front right above my pelvic bone. That I'm pretty sure of. And that's I think why I feel so much pressure all the time.

We're not painting tomorrow. Sad, kind of! By the time we get back the store that sells our paint won't even be open, we didn't get it taped up today and quite frankly I'm sure we'll be exhausted. I'll want to sit on the computer uploading pictures and Patrick will want to relax-so that's just what's going to happen.

For those of you who will be eagerly awaiting the news, you'll have to hold on tight till the evening! Our appointment is at 1, and it'll take 2 or 3 hours to do-and I'm NOT taking my phone in with me (since I'm sure it'll be going nuts) so even family is going to have to wait until the appointment is done.

Lets talk names-or the lack thereof. Looong long time ago when we found out we were having two we kind of threw around a few names. Luckily for the most part we have the same taste, but I was having a hard time with "well I love it but so and so has a baby with that name"-I didn't want to "steal" but I'm not about to get all strange and make up something so unique that no one else has it or anything, so I need to throw that thinking out the window. I also got really overwhelmed with the thought of having to pick out a bunch of boy names and a bunch of girl names, so we decided (well I begged Patrick) to wait until we knew and then we'd go from there. Ironically something popped up in my e-mail inbox today about baby names. I haven't read it yet but I will tomorrow. And if one of our babies ends up with your child's name, I'm not one of those vicious name stealers, I just really like that name. We will not, however, reveal our choices until the babies are born-sorry! I'm not sure if we'll even choose for sure as much as narrow down, we'll see. Gotta keep something exciting though!

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Meg said...

Good for you. Go for the names you love, even if they're popular:) Can't wait to see if I was right about my guesses!