Sunday, July 13, 2008


We picked up our crib yesterday!

But... not without a little hassle, of course.

So we head up to Raleigh and get to Babies R Us. It's a 2.5 hour drive, mind you... so we go in, go to the furniture counter and tell them we were there, and they said sorry we know you made an appointment to come pick it up but we have to pull it from the back (no problem, really...) and we'll meet you up in the front in like 10 minutes, just pull your vehicle up, what are you driving?

We told them we were driving a Nissan Pathfinder... the two people we were talking to kind of looked at us like we were dumb and were like oh that's not going to fit. I said yeah, it's a big vehicle, they said oh no I bet it won't.

So the dude goes to pull it and Patrick is livid because we told them many times that we were coming all the way from Jacksonville... and if it's an exceptionally big crib, why the heck don't you warn people that you might want to make sure and bring a truck or something?!

Patrick pulls up on the curb, we wait forever for the guy and then he gets it out there and they try to fit it in the back-sure enough, it is WAY too big. OHHHH my gosh we were both so mad that they didn't warn us about this (we ordered it without seeing it in person-they don't have it set up in our store, so how should we know) and Patrick said told the dude how unhappy it was that we weren't warned about this in the first place... so the guy offers to give us some TWINE to tie it to the top-I said noooooo way am I tying a $450 CRIB to the top of the vehicle and just hope and pray it doesn't slip off the back-and break-or ram into someone's car-you get my drift. So we ended up taking it out of the box and seeing if it would fit piece by piece and very very thankfully it did-just baaaarely. We had to really shimmy it to get it in. It was fun taking it out too, just Patrick and I, when we got home last night.

But we put it together this morning and it's absolutely gorgeous... and it goes really really well with the bedding we picked out, so we are going to go ahead with that crib set and those colors (NO it is not a themed room... so if you are reading this to get ideas, please don't take ideas from the stars... just the colors!)

We grabbed a gallon of cream-colored paint this afternoon, too, and will paint the room sometime this week. I am excited to get that done and then to get the rest of the furniture in here, slowly, piece by piece... and start decorating it!

Here's a little progression so far. Here's the wreck of the room before, not even nearly as bad as it once was:

Here it is all cleaned out, with the pieces of the crib not yet put together:

The milk crates back there are filled with books-and then the stacks are books too-we have a ton of them, I know! They will go on two of these bookshelves, which are the same as the set we have out in the living room, from Target:

And then here is a small progression of our gorgeous, gorgeous crib!

Lots yet to do... but it's a lovely start!


sue said...

What a beautiful crib.... what a lucky little baby!!!! and that bear looks familiar!!!! :-)

Nicole said...

What a pretty crib! Do you guys have names picked out?