Saturday, May 31, 2008


Today I finally took my belly ring out because it looks like my belly button is going to pop soon... probably still a week or so away, but it's definitely getting more and more shallow.

I'm definitely in that phase where I feel like crap. I shouldn't, because Trina is giving me her bella bands and so as soon as I get those I'll be fitting back into my size 6 jeans till the hips widen... that should make me feel better, right? wrong. No shirts fit. I'm always just wearing a t-shirt or three of the maternity shirts that actually fit me right now... the rest are too big and they look dumb. And then my pre-pregnancy shirts just stretch to their max and I'd really like to NOT wear them so they aren't all stretched out for after. You should've seen the mess I made last night trying to find something to go out to dinner and a movie with the girls. BLAH!

I can't believe I'm about halfway through. I vote on the baby coming approximately 20 weeks from now... not 22.

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