Monday, June 2, 2008


I just noticed a couple of days ago that I'm in the middle box of my ticker now! It seems like just yesterday-when we found out SO SO early (3w6d) that when I put it into the ticker for the first time it was just on the first box and the last box seemed soooo long away. It's honestly been flying, and I don't know how I feel about that-there is still so much to do (the house is a disaster right now, cluttered with all sorts of bins to put into storage to give us some extra room). I want to get the baby's room started (and lots of it finished) soon while I still have motivation and ambition to do anything at all.

I got my very first pair of maternity pants yesterday. Technically, capris... since it's steadily just about 90 degrees and humid here every day. Of course they don't have a picture of them on Old (which is strange methinks) but oh well, they are jean ones and they fit my short little legs well which is a small miracle. We were going to go to Wilmington to go to the mall there (and to make another trip to the Motherhood store) but since Patrick is working till 6pm now that's completely out of the question.

I hate that there are so so so many cute maternity clothes onLINE at Old Navy, Target, and Motherhood... ahem, stores, I like to try my stuff on before I get it. Even if there are free returns. It's just such a hassle. I think maternity clothes are going to be my biggest gripe this whole pregnancy. I need more, as I am starting to look like a beached whale foolishly squeezing into anything else. I do think I am going to take advantage of Target's offer of free shipping over $50-I just sold a purse and a blanket this past weekend so I have at least $90 to play with. That's a good few shirts... and that's all I want. The second pregnancy (if we are blessed with one) will be so much easier... haul the stuff out of storage and buy a few key things here and there and bam, done.

In way more relevant news, the baby is giving me a good whack about once a day now. Any time I expect it to pick up a ton more.

OH... and my next ultrasound was finally scheduled today... July 1. I am already getting paranoid that they will slip and tell us what we are having or that I will figure it out by looking at the screen... as this is the ultrasound that would tell us if we were going to know. I have my next OB appointment the hour before that as well... so it'll be all sorts of baby fun that day!

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