Thursday, May 1, 2008


Wow. All of a sudden days just flew. I'm almost 14 weeks now. I guess that's what happens though when I am not just sitting around while my husband is on the other side of the United States, right? :)

So exciting news... I've been feeling the baby move around! At first I could only feel it at night when we were lying down watching tv... but then yesterday I was driving and I felt it on my left side, quite a bit... and then it moved to my right side. So I came to the conclusion that no, it can't just be my mind playing tricks on me, it's not my stomach growling and I am definitely not sick... it's baby! I wish so bad that Patrick could feel too, that he could experience it... other than me just telling him its happening... I can't wait for the kicking and moving stuff to start (although I'll probably take that back at some point when its 3am and CANNOT sleep with my soccer star practicing inside) ...what do I have, another month or month and a half for that? Sooooo excited. Now the fun really starts, and I am so glad.

The fatigue has definitely backed off a lot, thankfully... maybe its because I have more things to fill my day, I'm not sure, but I have energy now, although when its bedtime I just crash. The nausea has been pretty good, although when I cooked steaks for fajitas the other night I made Patrick throw them away and we went to get Subway... the steaks just weren't doing it for me (they had been up in the freezer for a good minute anyway).

I'm hoping we don't have Amir tonight... he's sick. Again. He has allergies or a bad cold but she won't take him to the doctor. Wellll I don't want to get it! She told me when she dropped him off yesterday to make sure I stayed away from him... yeah since that is going to do a lot of good when he is sneezing and snotting all over MY stuff and just wants to climb in my lap. Kind of annoyed. We only have him for another week... her last final is the 8th... and I am so so glad.

I too want to not have him tonight because I really really need to go to the mall in Wilmington. (It's over an hour drive to get to the mall.. each way, so going after isn't an option.) As I noted before we have NO maternity stores here, and I really need a swimsuit (so I can stop wearing my tube top and strapless bra and old swim bottoms to the beach, and our POOL which opens this weekend) and I would like to get a couple of maternity tops... I can still fit into a lot of my shirts, but with some things it just looks like I have a fat belly and don't know how to dress for my size. I'd like to get something nice for this weekend since Grandparents Haney will be here and we'll be going to the air show on Saturday. Yes, buying stuff off the internet is an option, but everything is backordered way far... at least the swim stuff I want. And I am craving Buffalo Wild Wings and the closest one is in Wilmington...


Emma Rose said...

I don't know if you have Target there, but... They had two or three really cute Maternity tankinis last time I was up there... they'd been kinda mixed in with the rest of the on sale swim suits, so you kinda have to look. But sometimes places like that have good finds!

Emma Rose said...

(ok. I know it's weird that I know that. But in my defense: my sister just had 4 kids in 5 years, so I had to know where to shop for her! And also, I was looking for a swimsuit for me last week, and the ONLY cute ones Target had were maternity ones, and I was annoyed, so I remembered.)