Thursday, May 8, 2008


We have picked out bedding!

When Patrick came home I had a MILLION different tabs open on Firefox with all of the different ones I liked... we went back and forth but decided on this one. There were quite a few others I really really loved but living in an apartment we can only do so much-we can't put up a border or do anything really funky on the walls. And Patrick really liked this one.

So hopefully we'll be ordering it in the morning (yeah stimulus check!) and getting it soon after... if we don't like it we'll just send it back and we will just pick something else, and if we do we can take a swatch to Lowe's and pick up some paint... and get this room started!

I WILL specify though-its just the bedding that we're getting like that, and probably the hamper, curtains, and mobile. They are just cute. I could make it all I'm sure but... it's our first, I'll spoil the little sucker. It is NOT going to be a super themed room-we aren't filling it with stars and moons all over!


kristina,david and jeremiah said...

it's cute!! you will be having a baby shower thoguh right i know the church will probably throw us both one :0) so spoil away but save us some stuff to get the baby haney ;0) love ya hope to see you on your first mothers day at church!!!

rachel said...

really cute!