Saturday, May 24, 2008


17 weeks! I was going through the usual week-by-week stuff, seeing what is happening now with baby and I... the things that stood out most were that the baby is getting a little fat this week and that it can now hear things outside. So What does Patrick do when I tell him he can talk to the baby now and it will hear him? He starts saying "Who's your daddy! Who's your daddy! I'm your daddy!" in the goofiest voice... you'da had to have been there I suppose.

Also... the past two days I have noticed sooo much movement. It used to be just after I ate and sometimes before I went to bed, but now it's more regular and far stronger-which I absolutely love! I think I may have felt my first kick the other night-it seemed like a whop out of the middle of nowhere-so we'll see.

On the not so fun side the muscle that I usually have problems with-the major one that runs along my spine-has been throbbing and spasming so much over the past three days that it's taken work to get to sleep at night. I'm not sure it's pregnancy related, probably not as I have had this problem since high school-but it doesn't help that I can't take my usual concoction of medicine to make it feel better. I guess it's time to go old fashioned and dig out the heating pad!

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