Friday, May 9, 2008



That's how Gap makes me feel right now about not finding out the gender of our little one.

Because if we were having a boy, I'd pick this for the nursery.
And if we were having a girl, I would soooooo pick this.

And also depending on gender, I want this and this and this and this and this (even though it will be too cold for the baby as a newborn to wear flip flops but spring will be just around the corner).

Guess who will be hitting the sales later this summer and stocking up for either one...


Nate & Kas said...

awww that boy bed room set is SOOO cute!!! I'm going to keep that in mind! :) That first fleece blanket with the elephant would go either way!!! and so would the flip flops... they have them in can go either way! :)

rachel said...

wait - i thought you already picked out the stars??

really cute stuff, though. i love the newborn sections at clothing stores. you should check out old navy too - they always seem to have adorable stuff.