Wednesday, May 21, 2008


First of all-congratulations to Nicole who had Hudson yesterday! (I hope I have as good of labor as you did!!) She's the first of a few friends who are pregnant now too to deliver... over the next month or two there will be another 3 or 4... then there are a couple scattered here or there, and then there is me, and there are actually a couple friends from college and high school that are due around the same week as I am.

Not much news to report... I'm still having a lot of pain, a couple of times it's had me hunched over and unable to move my right leg... I'm making a VERY concious effort to drink a TON of water, but it seems like whatever I do drink it's not enough. I think I will steal one of Patrick's gallons of water out of the trunk (he takes them to work to drink) and MAKE sure I drink it every day. And then if I do that for a few days and it's no better, I'm going in. This is silly. I shouldn't be in this much pain this early on.

We're about to make a huge improvement on the baby's room... we found a storage unit we are going to throw our other couch, the coffee table, MAYBE the entertainment center and some storage bins in. We hate to get rid of the furniture, because we know we'll regret it and want it in a few years when we get a house (I love that couch so much-well we both do-that we're willing to shell out the bucks to get it reupholstered). So I'm looking forward to getting all that stuff out of there and making more room in here-we have a ton of room now but we'll need more as we continue to get baby stuff.

So after all that's out we will make the decision to paint or not (I wanted to, but now I'm kind of leaning to NO just so I don't have to deal with that much more hassle). And then we are going to buy more bookshelves (we have the set in our livingroom, but we're just going to get two of the 3-shelf ones to house our scads of books in the baby's room). We're going to do something a little different for clothes storage... MAYBE... more on that later... And then I suppose it will be time to look for a crib and dresser, and start on our registries... it has just hit me over the past couple of weeks that there is a TON to do and I better do it before I don't have the energy to do it, and then the girl I know who went 3 months early just freaked me out, really. I mean I know I will go early, all the Barette girls always do... but now I'm just spooked and wondering... what happens if it's REALLY early. More than a couple weeks early.

Speaking of early... for that same reason I need to get back on hounding my husband about names. It's his turn to make a list. We have a girl's name that we really really like, but we're not doing anything till he's made his list... and probably till the baby's actually born. We want our choices all mapped out though.

I want a Monster really really bad. Really bad. I told Patrick that at the 4 weeks left mark one will be IN the fridge ready to throw in the hospital bag for me to drink as soon as I can. Even though it would totally be defeating the purpose, they should make one that is caffeine free...

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Dan and Katie said...

I loved those bookshelves so much that I just added them to our registry in Honey Oak.

So thanks!!