Tuesday, May 13, 2008



That's what I say to my uterus...
Over the past 24 hours it has just HURT!

I am not worried about it, as if it was something bad it would be accompanied by worse things (blood, throwing up, all those icky details you could probably do without) so I entertained the ideas of a) dehydration, even though the main indicator of dehydration said no, I drank lots of water through the day and night anyway, and that hasn't helped so b) I'm going with the fact that this growth spurt is just stretching me and I can definitely feel it.

Comparing my 12-13-14-15 week pictures you can only see a slight change, and I was wondering about that, but on Saturday when I was putzing around looking at 15 week info I saw that these next few weeks are growth spurt #2 time (the last one is what put me from nothing to this, see weeks 10 and 12 pictures for reference) so that's so much fun. In the next week I will be visiting the maternity section again (hopefully Target won't let me down this time) to get some totally cool elastic banded capris... my beloved khaki ones are getting tight at the waist.

And last night I indulged in the first "I'm craving this lets go get it now" run... before when it happened Patrick was in Yuma and I didn't want to venture out late half asleep... yesterday when it came dinnertime I was too sick to my stomach to eat what we were having (or much of anything really) so I had a bowl of cereal, which is always good on my stomach. So by the time 9pm rolled around I was really really hungry and there wasn't much to just grab and have... Patrick made the mistake of mentioning a roast beef sandwich so off to Arby's it was. It was delicious. I thought that eating crappy food that late would keep me up all night (it usually does) but nope... slept like a baby. My husband is awesome.

Doc appointment on Thursday... start saying prayers now that they take pity and wheel in the portable ultrasound machine so Patrick can see our baby for the first time!

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