Friday, May 2, 2008


We actually made it out to Wilmington last night!

(Amir ended up having flipping BRONCHITIS... yeah if I would have caught that someone's face would have been ripped off I'm sure...)

We had a lovely time, we ate a quick dinner at Flaming Amy's-our favorite little cheap find, a "burrito barn" with all kinds of sassy salsas-last night I enjoyed some chips with peach ginger salsa and regular old normal salsa. And a chicken taco. For 2 bucks.

Sooo the Motherhood store in Wilmington.


They had about 5 different selections for swimsuits-THANKFULLY I found one in my size that I liked a lot... but they had none of the ones I had previously admired from their website. This is the one I ended up getting, in the "brown dot" color.

And then I got this shirt in the orange color-Patrick loved it, I wasn't going to get it right now because of the price (it all adds up quick, and lets face it... the military isn't making us millionaires here) but he was really excited over it... and really, I'm needing it now. The swatch on the page doesn't do it justice... I'll be wearing it today so if I get a decent picture somewhere perhaps I'll stick it up.

I also got this tank top in the teal color... but looking it up online its not as cute as it really is, and again the color is odd..

So that's my adventure in my first maternity clothes buying. I'm excited because they are way more comfortable, I won't be pulling my shirt down all the time.. and I won't look like the fatty who just needs to buy bigger clothes (HAHA). I think I'll be the thrifty sale shopper and keep my eye out for sales in the ads on Sundays and slowly build my collection... so if anyone sees cute stuff, send me the link!

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Kelly said...

Cute swimsuit!