Sunday, April 27, 2008


Time for pictures I suppose...
I keep getting phone calls asking for them, so I figure I'll post a couple on here so you can see my progression in just the past couple of weeks.

This one was taken when I was 10 weeks along... you have to take into consideration that I had pudge to begin with, we all know I am a curvy girl and that's no secret, so this is pretty much me and not baby I am absolutely sure.

So fast forward to now... three weeks later. The babe has definitely moved up into my abdomen, methinks.

Patrick's in for quite the surprise when he sees me. Its the curse of the 4'11 girl with basically NO length in the torso area... My friend Trina is the same way and she is a boat now (and I say boat so very lovingly, I know I will be there someday)... every week when I see new pictures of her (we have the same belly book so she takes a picture every week to put in it as well) I get chills. She has 8 weeks to go and I honestly don't know how she functions-or gets around without tipping over.

As for the bout of sick I had last night, I fear its not over. I haven't been sick again since, but I just have that feeling. A girl I know told me that she was miserable and threw up all second trimester of both her pregnancies... gooooodie... I thought I was out of the woods!


Nicole said...

What a cute little baby pooch! I wish I had been motivated to take weekly pictures. I still haven't taken belly pictures since 24 weeks with Hudson.... oops! Its been TWELVE weeks. Bad mommy!

I, too, have the Curse of the Short Torso. Ugh. Everything is way out front (boobs and belly!) and I feel crazily wide.

Megan said...

Awe, your belly is so cute:) Hooray for babies.