Saturday, April 12, 2008


Well I think the sweet pregnancy hormones have kicked in today... in the form of grumpiness and annoyance.

First of all, my body is starting to revolt against Spaghettios. It used to be that, if I NEEDED to eat and couldn't get anything else down, that was my staple. It was all I could do to choke down a bowl of them tonight... and actually I didn't finish it all.

And then there is my lovely husband. I love him very very much... just remember that.

I called him this afternoon to wake him up (he gets up at 430 our time) ...he was SUCH a grump so after he retorted some smart remark about I don't even remember what, I told him to just go work out, get ready, and eat dinner... and to call when he was ready to be nice. That ended that.

So time passes by, and passes and passes... then it gets to be almost 8 our time (I thought he was continuing to pout and I wasn't about to call when he would have just still been grumpy) and he finally calls... he JUST WOKE UP. He slept three more hours. So that means no gym and he has to bust to get ready, get to dinner, and get to work... no talking to his little wife over here who was very cranky in the first place. He said he didn't feel good, and he hadn't been feeling good... well this just set me off.

First of all, he refuses to ever take medicine... ever. So it's just going to get worse and worse. If he would have taken medicine when he first felt bad, chances are he might have caught it before it did anything. His buddy at work came down with bronchitis out there, and I TOLD him, like two or three nights ago, that he better be sucking down the juice because he can't get sick...

And then there is the part where yes he's sick, so he's just going to sleep all day, and sorry maybe I'll talk to you tomorrow honey... what, does he think I am sitting in a field of daisies back here? For the past month or more I've been nauseous every day, hardly been able to choke food down, exhausted as can be... but yet today when I was reeeeally wanting a nap I stayed up so I could be sure to be awake when it was time to call and wake him. Because little does he understand, talking to him is the light of my miserable excuse of an existence right now... so today has been completely pointless. I wish I could sleep through the next two weeks, because then hopefully my body will somewhat have adjusted and Patrick will be back so at least I will have someone to cook and clean after. He just doesn't get it.

He's going to be in for a rude awakening when I get a moody day AND I have a huge belly to tote around and a child playing games with my organs.

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Nicole said...

Ohhh! I'm cracking up at this post. It sounds like the 50 million I've written about my husband this pregnancy! I swear, being pregnant makes you so irritated with the people you love the most. I at least hope its normal, because half the time I'm wondering why the hell I married my husband in the first place, he's irritated me that much this pregnancy.

Hopefully you can get some sleep and just think... a few more weeks and hopefully you'll be out of the sicky stage. Ugh. Then it'll be a few months of "pregnancy bliss" before you hit the hellish third trimester! Watch out! (just be sure to enjoy the 2nd trimester while you can :) )