Friday, April 4, 2008


I can't tell you how excited I am to be here... 10 weeks tomorrow! I just feel so good and not at all nervous anymore.

I had the best dinner tonight, and I really have to go stock up-66 cent personal pizzas from the commissary! That and those little blackberry/raspberry dudes that I can never ever get enough of... I was actually FULL-first time in a month or more I'm sure! I know there will be a rumbling in coming hours... but I was a smart girl and bought a block of sharp cheddar. And some cream cheese so I can make a tuna cheeseball.

Exciting thing of the day is that Patrick and I are talking about just paying out of pocket to get another ultrasound done when he comes home from WTI... where we are right now it'll be another 2 months before he hears the heartbeat (when I have my second prenatal appointment... we have them every 6 weeks, and conveniently my first one is in a week) and around 3 more months or more till we get our second-and only other-ultrasound. I found a place called Womb's Window who has a whole package-30 minute DVD (which I don't think they do at all at the Naval Hospital, and that's a bummer), a bunch of prints of the baby... it's in 3D and 4D which I'm not too hot on, but whatever... in the grand scheme of things it's a pretty great thing to pull out $175 bucks out of savings for to pay to see our unborn child... if we don't get to do it then whatever, but it would be pretty neat methinks. I am looking around to see if I can find somewhere cheaper that does just regular ultrasounds and dvd' we'll see! If we did it it would be in the next 4 weeks... so it would be something awesome to look forward to. And it'll be so fun to see how much the baby's grown in that period of time!

Wellll it's now not even 8pm... and since I am pathetically tired I think I will wash up and hop into bed for the night!


Nicole said...

I wouldn't recommend the 3d/4d until you're 28-32 weeks along. At our 20week appointment the tech tried to do a 3D with us but she warned us that they are scary looking and don't turn out good until you're 28+ weeks as the baby is very skeletal and doesn't have much fat. I'd stick to a regular ultrasound, or splurge later on and do a 3d/4d when you're further along.

Nicole said...

If you guys come up here anytime soon, my mom could scan you! She works at two different doctor's offices (she's an ultrasound tech) so she could scan you!

sue said...

so glad you are "enjoying this time"... it's very special and a "mom's warning"... a year from now you won't have all this "free time".. so take it while you can and continue these wondeful up dates.... brings back a lot of great memories for me!!!!!

Ashley said...

yay! It would be awesome to get to see the little one and for Patrick to get to hear the heartbeat soon! Yay! of course u HAVE to post pics!!!!!!hehehe