Friday, April 11, 2008


Well today I went in for my very first prenatal appointment... finally.. not much to report.

I've only gained three pounds since I've been pregnant... I'm pretty happy with that number since I know that when this queasiness goes away and I get further in I will be getting scolded... I can see it already.

Bloodwork came back fine... I'm not anemic, and I am not at risk for German Measles.

Oh, and I discovered that the baby takes after me already... it's as lazy as can be! Story: So the midwife went to listen to the heartbeat with the doppler... well I'm not far along enough for that apparently, she heard it for a split second and then couldn't find it again so she just went to get the portable ultrasound machine. Hooked that up, covered me in goo, and yep there was baby... heart pumping away, you could see it, and she was trying to get it to move around for me... but the little snot didn't want to. She poked at it and had me cough, but the only thing it would do was raise its little arm at me (probably giving me the finger for disturbing its slumber). It looks exactly the same as it did in the picture almost two weeks ago only it was tilted a little more toward me so I could see its little arms and the jawbone. So so neat even if it hadn't changed much! So my next appointment is in five weeks, and Patrick will be at that one... Cross your fingers for me, next week I am going to be on the phone trying to finagle another ultrasound somehow!

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