Monday, April 21, 2008


This is hilarious, I stumbled upon it earlier. Please... whoever you are, reading this... take it, and for my amusement tell me what you get!

Apparently the internet can tell you if you are pregnant or not... the first time I took it it told me that I am not, and the second time it told me I am pregnant with a 15 pounder, the daddy being Pee Wee Herman.

In other news... I am craving jordan almonds like woah!


Ashley said...

lol thats apparently preggo with a 7lb 1oz boy who is father by none other than MICHAEL JACKSON!....scary!...btw i saw ur other blog about not wanting to babysit and id just tell her that your feeling too run down with the pregnancy and all and that u simply cant do it! I have been babysitting for a lady for almost 3 years now a few times a week and it got to a point where i was so bogged down with other work and school that i wasnt looking after them as closely as i should so i finally told her i had to take a break! (she use to run all over me!!!!long story) anyway i did just that for almost 8 months and now im back babysitting again and i dont let her run all over me anymore at all! if i cant babysit or dont feel like it i simply tell her! You have a life too! and i def would not babysit if i wasnt getting paid!!!!!!! Your time and energy..and gas is worth more than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kristina,david and jeremiah said...

i'm pregnant with a 9 pound 7 oz girl with black hair and blue eyes and the father is dick cheney scary!!! i know how you feel with the baby sitting thing i am just sooo exhasted lately i haven't wanted to really do anything!! oh and this week and on you should be feeling the baby move little flutters isn't it exciting!!!! with the whole sickness thing my mom was sick until she was 7 months with me then it stopped and then she was sick again her whole 9th month as well so she only got a month break :0( i hope the sickness goes away for you mine is finally going a way alittle bit it mostly comes now when i am hungry or i've ate to much but i'm good any other time..... when is your next appointment? mine is the 7th of may at 915am i'll let you know if they do the portable ultasound thing on me again so you will know if they will do one on you so patrick can see your little miracle, i'm hoping they do b/c david will be at this appointment with me we hope as long as his new unit lets him which i told him to tell them when he first checks in so they have 7 days advanced notice :0)