Thursday, April 3, 2008


Rant of the day: What is UP with maternity swimsuits?

I live 20 minutes from the ocean. The months of April, May, and June are spent on the beach.
No exceptions.
One day I'll be not living this close to it and missing it so I am taking advantage of it while I can.

So.... I tried on my swimsuit from last year, a lovely black tankini. Just like EVVVVERYTHING else... it's not fitting quite so well. It's not terrible... it's just not as um, flattering as it could be... everything is kind of squeezed into place (or well, not so into place).

Option #1: I could go for a bikini. There is no other time in my life, I am convinced, that I will look decent in one. I never have, and surely after a baby that won't be an option... I won't share that with the world. BUT when you're pregnant, there's this cute little belly... you have a reason for being a little "curvier"... but at this point I am still in the "woah is she pregnant or did she gain a lot of weight" phase... definitely not ok for a bikini. And I need something for about... now, not two months from now when it's obvious.

Option #2: Maternity swimsuit. Problem: All the ones I have seen are SO UGLY! These make the same problem as before-I just look like I am getting fat and am wearing a modest swimsuit to cover it up. And by the peak of summer I am not going to be THAT big yet-so there will be a lot of loose fabric, which can be dreadfully unforgiving.

So... what to do?!


Cass said...

I will be THAT big over the summer and I ordered this suit from Lands End:

I really like it and I'm 6 months pregnant now.

kristina,david and jeremiah said...

if it was me i would wear the one i already have until i can get a bakini or just buy a bakini and wear that or something, i mean yeah it might not looks so great at this stage but you gotta think i AM pregnant and when i do get bigger it will look super cute so who cares!! as long as patrick thinks you look good no one else matters :0) but thats just my opinon............

Elizabeth said...

of course!

i can't wait to see adorable pictures of preggo you!!!!!!

Nate & Kas said...

I second Kristina, you know you're preggo. We know you're preggo... so put on that cute bikni and got to the beach with me!!!!!..... once this RAIN stops!