Saturday, April 26, 2008


(and I say 13w because yes, it is after midnight, but I haven't gone to sleep yet... which the going to sleep and getting up constitutes the new day in my mind.)

Wow. So interesting story. For some reason, at 1am on the last week of my first trimester, out of nowhere, I threw up.

Funny thing is-I never throw up, ever, so this is kind of odd for me.
Last time I threw up was when I randomly had the flu this past January... and then I only really knew I was sick because I was heaving everything.
Before that, my last throwing up happened in the fall when I was having my gallbladder attacks and couldn't even so much as keep water down.
But still I'm not quite worried... I don't think?

I didn't do anything out of the ordinary today. I ate things I have eaten a million times before, and it was nothing that would even have the possibility of having food poisoning or something like that. I ate dinner (ravioli) at like 6 or 7 tonight, and have been hanging out since. Then I went and tried to go to bed... but of course my awesome bodily intuition (really, I'm thankful for it, and so is my quilt and down comforter) said hey lady, you're going to throw up. And I really only barely made it around the corner and into the bathroom. But there wasn't much... really just dry heaves and stomach acid and oh, my prenatal pill. (Which has never ever made me sick before either)

Note to self: waiting to make Patrick clean the manly part of the toilet because he was lazy and didn't do it before he left TOTALLY backfired.

So I don't know what's going on. I don't know why it would be "morning sickness" because I am this far in and nothing so far as got me close to throwing up before. Patrick said that I might be just a late bloomer... I told him to shut it.

It's just a bummer... I'm so tired... but I can still feel another one just looming there, just waiting for me to climb back up into bed again (which is a feat because the mattress goes up higher than my waist, this will be interesting when I am at whale status) and then have to go running again.

It might just be an interesting night...

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