Sunday, April 6, 2008


Today I feel like... crap.
I have no energy.
I can't move from my place on the couch.
And I just got up from an almost three hour nap.
I'm pretty pathetic.

In other news, I got my belly touched for the first time today... and I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. I've always thought I would be fine with it... but I think it's the fact that some of it is still me, the baby is just pushing it out... if there were more baby to be felt that would be one thing... errrr I don't know.

Blah to today!


Cass said...

Sorry you had a feel like crap day - like all this crap it's "perfectly normal" which I find to be equally annoying and calming.

On to the belly-touch. I hate it. I thought it wouldn't bother me so much when it was out there a little more and it turns out it still bothers me. A LOT. It's my body for goodness sake and when people are going in for a grab there is a second where you're thinking - please don't boob graze. Please don't boob graze. I'm very firmly against the belly-touch.

Ashley said...

OH NO! not the belly touching! ive obviously never been pregnant but from my numerous friends that have they say its one thing to have a friend touch it but to have a stranger...well its just that...STRANGE! lol u should get Jessie to make u a shirt hta says
"Please dont touch MY belly" lol sorry u had a crappy day...if it makes u feel any better i havent really moved from the couch today and im NOT pregnant! lol Love ya! and baby!:)