Monday, April 14, 2008


Dear Target,

My favorite store in the universe-usually you never disappoint me. However, today I was devastated to discover your lame excuse for a maternity section. Online, of course, you have a lovely selection... but when I went to look at swimsuits there were NONE-and when I was looking for the completely adorable red shirt I wanted to nab and put away of course you had maybe two choices... neither of them being said red shirt. Which I would really like to try on, not just guess and buy. What gives? Today will go down in history as the day you let me down.

And Jacksonville, dear Jacksonville...

You'd think that with 60% of the town's female population being pregnant at any given time (seriously, people) you'd have a maternity store. Just one at least. But no! So now, if I don't want to wait for my swimsuit to be SHIPPED on May 12th or later I have to go to Wilmington for my goods. Do you not realize that NOW is beach weather, not post-May 12th?! This is madness. Too bad I won't get some kind of coupon or discount for having to drive so far.

In good news... I bought a baby name book today!

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