Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Well, while I sit here completely annoyed waiting for my one hour photo order to go through AGAIN at Walmart, I suppose I will do some writing.

My friend Trina recommended The Belly Book to me-after my ultrasound on Monday I went out and picked it up-and I LOVE it! It has tons of spaces for pictures of your belly(week by week, so I have to get busy) and of your ultrasounds, and has (relevant, unlike other books) questions about how you're feeling, foods you are craving and avoiding, etc. I haven't gotten too far into it yet, but what I've done so far I've really enjoyed.

Which brings me to Walmart.

I finally broke down and took a belly picture, although it looks more like me being a fatty versus a little one in there, and uploaded that, copies of the ultrasound pictures, and pictures of our positive pregnancy tests-all for this little book because I really want to work on it today and get caught up (since Saturday I will be TEN weeks and I'll have more to do!) I upload the pictures and long story short, when I go up there to get them they are NOT there. They haven't even been put through. The lady asked me if I got a confirmation number... no I didn't, I had to go through a bunch of silly stuff with my Visa and then the page kind of stopped-so I guess its my fault partially, I should have called and made sure it was there, so I just paid for the few things I had and got a ten dollar Walmart gift card so I could come back here and RE-order everything, hassle free. So now I have to be back up at Walmart in eh, a half hour or so. There's nothing I hate more than having to go to Walmart in the first place... let alone two times in just a couple of hours. I really miss Meijer sometimes. Ok all the time.

Did I post on here that a couple of days ago I had a dream that we had a boy? Well I did. And in the dream we named him Cameron-which is (in real life) what we wanted before-but then we realized that oh CRAP, we weren't supposed to name him Cameron (a girl whom neither one of us really care for named her little boy Cameron and it kind of ruined it) and we were rushing and frazzled trying to re-name our baby. But the little one was sooooo cute... and it made me really eager for the next 30 weeks to pass.

Oh-and so exciting-We have our first baby clothes! The first one (that says Stud Muffin) I bought for a friend, but decided to keep it for myself because I love it so much... it was kind of silly to get it in a 0-3 months anyway, since her baby will be born in June and it's long sleeved. So since ours will be born in November, long sleeves are quite ok. The second one Mom Haney got-they are desert and green cammie onesies-they will be just fine for a boy or a girl! We've decided to pick up clothes for a boy or a girl if we see them and have to have them (especially since I am such a sale shopper) and the ones we don't need we'll give away or return them if it's in the applicable time range. We aren't going to go hog wild, but it's just not my personal preference to dress my baby in all green or yellow-it makes for an awkward moment when people don't know the gender and get it wrong. I wish I could just do baby showers AFTER the birth-so we can avoid the "everything yellow and green" dilemma-but we'll see.

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