Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I'm sure if you hear another post about me being sick you'll scream.
Well I am about to.

I've gotten to the sneezy phase today-where every sneeze makes my head throb.
I'm usually such a sucker when I get sick and I go right for the allergy meds and the amoxicillin/z-pack...
This time I've done my duty. Drank lots of water, eaten lots of chicken noodle soup (annnddd drank all the broth... draggg...) and the cheap vanilla ice cream for the nausea. I've gotten plenty of sleep. BOUNCE BACK, self! This is going to be one long, rotten weekend if I don't. I need to be ok by 9am Friday morning before I start out on 6 hours in the car.

In other news, I've lost more weight. I've lost 4lbs since I went to the doc for the first time, and am 1lb lighter than pre-baby. And my belly is still expanding. And it's so crampy all the time. I bet there are like five little suckers in there.

Well Sneezy McSneezerton is off to blow my nose for a few more hours while preparing to NOT sleep another night... whee!

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sue said...

hang in there Mandi.. Kas is on the way home... she'll make sure you feel better!!!! I will miss her, but it's your turn to have her for awhile :-)