Thursday, March 20, 2008


What do the old wives tales say when you are sicker at night than in the morning? Boy or girl? That's definitely me... usually I'm queasy and gaggy all day long, and just worse at night (particularly when I climb into bed... then it hits!) but today I was pretty ok this morning and all afternoon (another Nervous Nelly moment) and now it's back. I'm just curious... I've tried to look it up online but all I find is info about morning sickness and how to make it a little more manageable... THANKFULLY that has not been me, and I am pretty sure by this point I have been spared.

Kas thinks girl (her necklace trick says it every single time), the chinese tests I've taken online (well all whopping TWO of them that I have taken) say boy... for some reason, I think boy-but I think that's because the few times I've browsed around at baby names I automatically go to the boy list first, even though they are right next to each other, and I thought maybe that could be a sign-SO silly, I know! We won't start the guesses till it's public knowledge, which we've agreed will be when Patrick comes home, and I will be between 13-14 weeks at that point. I'm curious to see what people say as far as how I carry the baby too-but that's a ways away yet... as is the actual finding out... November seems a LONG way off at this point!

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sue said...

All I can say is "be careful".. I was absolutely SURE that Sadie was a boy, so sure that we didn't even have a girl's name picked out!!! Imagine my surprise when the doctor said "it's a little girl" (almost said, no you have the wrong baby!!!)... so just be sure that you pick two names!!!!!