Saturday, March 1, 2008



I swear, I have the appetite of a wild boar... and I am beginning to look that way too!

My pants are getting a little more snug... and since I'm still pretty much BARELY along, I'm pretty sure I can't blame it on baby...

And of course I'm off to eat lunch now, but I won't tell you what I am having... only that it consists of three separate dishes and a lot of carbs.

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sue said...

When I was expecting kass, I drove every day to the next town.. where there was a new McDonalds!!! I couldn't get enough of the chocolate shakes!!! the Dr. asked me if I had any weird "cravings" I told him no, and Ed said, then why do you drive to Kittery EVERYDAY!!! "this" will do weird things to you... get ready!!!!!