Monday, March 24, 2008


Is there anything "dangerous" to the baby if I get sick at this point? My sinuses are majorly draining and I can already feel the usual throat/upper respiratory infection starting (it happens a time or two a year, so nothing shocking) ...I am going to try and nurse it myself-lots of water and I have some decaf tea-blahhh... it would just be a long day if I decided to go to the doctor tomorrow (as a walk-in I usually wait at least four hours to be seen-they have one scheduled appointment every hour, so there's always a few week wait to get one)... aacckkk. I'd rather sit at home.

In other news... It's too uncomfortable now to sleep or lay directly on my belly. It's a growing! Only one more week till the ultrasound!


Cass said...

I was feeling bad that 8 week mark too - I thought the stuffy nose was a temporary condition, but it wasn't. It's here to stay for the pregnancy.

I didn't get full blown sick and I credit that to cutting out all dairy, drinking a lot of propel (less calorie then gatorade) and fresh oranges.

Hope you feel better.

sue said...

just be a "little" bit careful about what meds you take... most over the counter things should be OK.. but I always cut them in half, that way I could feel a little better and put as little of them into my body... still though, checking with the dr. would be a smart idea if you aren't feeling better soon.....