Friday, March 21, 2008


I want any or a combination of the following:

-Cici's cinnamon rolls
-Tortilla chips and a refried bean/sour cream mixture
-McDonald's french fries
-Green olives (oh those would be yummy with the chips/beans/sour cream mix)
-Quesadilla from Applebee's
-Ruffles (regular) potato chips and French's onion dip

Unfortunately any or all of these would require me to get dressed, get in the car, and go to the store...THIS is the purpose of husbands! I think the Marine Corps should supply me with something supplementary while he is away. Though that is in my dream world, and in my dream world he would never be gone at all.

Oddly enough, with all these things I am craving and eating (mostly salty stuff) I've actually lost a few pounds... I gained a little at first, but now I am back down to what I was actually before I went to the doc the first time. I know this is normal, I just think it's goofy because my belly IS expanding (I went up a size in pants this past week)... but I am in that awkward phase that makes me look like I am just gaining weight-it doesn't look like a baby yet.

I have to munch on something... I am actually really hungry because dinner consisted of 2 Eggo waffles and that's it. Oh, what to do!

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