Friday, March 14, 2008


7 weeks is tomorrow.
7 is a good number.
Only a week away from 8 weeks... and I like that. It finally feels like we're getting somewhere.
It's so hard to believe that we've known about this for three weeks now... It feels like time is crawling, honestly.

I have been looking at week 7 stuff online today and I came across some interesting pictures...

this is a hand at 48 days (which is actually... today for me!)

and this is just three days later, which will be... Monday!

This is a little foot at 51 days (Monday)

And this is just nine days later, at day 60...

It's crazy to me how fast the baby is growing now. He or she is the size of a marble now... and though you wouldn't think it, my waistline is definitely expanding!

The first couple of weeks I ate like a hog... but now that I get queasy with everything, I don't eat too much... so at least I know it's not just me being fat. Honestly if I didn't have to eat over the next few weeks I wouldn't... nothing at all sounds good.

I of course know that I can't eat lasagna... but last night I made some homemade chicken parmesan (and oh my was it delicious) and I had eaten about half of it and it hit... and I couldn't eat another bite. I really need to eat some lunch, all I've had today is some oatmeal and the rest of the macaroni salad I made yesterday... but once I eat something, it doesn't sound good anymore. Strange, I know, and bad since I will be eating a whole lot of leftovers in the next little while! I'm sure it will settle down and go away.

Patrick and I agreed last night that I wouldn't send any pictures of myself to him while he's out in Yuma... he just wants to be surprised when he gets home. He gets back 7 weeks from now, so when I am almost 14 weeks, and I am guessing I will have a bit of baby belly by then... I can't imagine how it will be for him to see me now (pretty much the same as I have been since we've been together) and then to come back in almost two months to something possibly totally different! I am so curious as to how much I will be showing then.

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