Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Well I was still nervous nelly yesterday, because I wasn't feeling queasy... still. (although the only thing that sounded good for dinner was waffles... which I need to buy more of, because now they are gone.)

It hit me like a ton of bricks somewhere between the 1am and 4am mark... I thought I'd be doing this "not sleeping well" thing at the end of the pregnancy, but it seems to me that that's my fate from now until I deliver wee one... It's been the past three weeks or month now that it's happened... though I wonder how different it will be when Patrick goes to WTI and I will be sleeping all alone. I'll probably still wake up and make my bi-hourly trip to the bathroom, but won't wake up other than that (unless he calls at 5am our time, because of what his blasted job is again...)

But anyway, it hit me last night. I thought I was going to lose it there. It was more of a sick feeling than just queasy... but so far so good this morning, I have a really terrible headache so I wonder if that is a contributing factor.

Madre Haney booked her tickets for she and Brenna to come down at the end of the month for the ultrasound... I am getting really antsy for it, but thankfully it's a busy rest of the month till then so time should fly by.

Question of the day: is tuna fish ok to eat?? Sometimes I hear yes, sometimes no, sometimes it depends on the brand. I am DYING for some macaroni salad, and miraculously I have everything for it (I bought celery the other day in hopes that I will do some healthy snacking). You'd think that they would at least do the orientation part at the Naval Hospital early on, with the do's and don'ts of what you can and can't eat or do, since the first trimester seems at least to me to be the most sensitive. But, way to go Naval Hospital, wait till we all screw up and see which ones of us miraculously pass week 9 and come to see you.


Cass said...

I love tuna fish so this was a big question for my doctor - and then every doctor that I encountered along the way. The universal opinion is stay away from the albacore tuna (which I happen to like the most) and stick with the regular old-tuna in water (it's more pink then albacore) one can is about 2.5 servings and they all said stick to a serving or 2 a week tops. It's the mercury that they're concerned about.

The sleeping thing for me went in waves. I couldn't sleep well at all at first - then it was better, now it's the dreams. I HIGHLY recommend getting the snoogle full body pillow - I tried to just get by with my existing fleet (no less then 5) of pillows and the truth is NOTHING has helped me sleep the way my snoogle has. I love this pillow. I'm going on a little vacation in about a month and I'm seriously considering buying a second one and having it shipped to the hotel.

Nicole said...

I eat tuna fish, and did with both pregnancies. Lately I've been eating about a can a week, or a can every two weeks. When I was pregnant with Porter I heard it was bad, but now I hear its good because of the Omega-3 Fatty Acids. I think everything in moderation is ok.