Monday, March 17, 2008


Well Patrick is gone... and it might be a good thing! I don't know when the next time I will be able to make a square meal is... It's still rough going for the eating thing.

Although... I just spent a whopping $60 at Walmart... on CRAP.

Some of the items that graced my cart were a few cans of Spaghettios, Dinty Moore beef stew, the Stouffers and Lean Cuisine grilled sandwiches that I love, waffle fries, Luigi's Italian Ice... a couple of bananas... crackers for this weekend's trip.

I told Patrick about it, and he said it was fine-with everything in existence making me queasy (yesterday for dinner I had a waffle with butter on it, the night before I forced down mashed potatoes) I need to get some sort of calories down. I think that's why I was feeling so awful yesterday... I know I need to eat, I don't want to though.

One VERY exciting thing... I am trying to drink way more water and juice... and today the heavens opened and dropped down DIET Ocean Spray juice! I love juice, but the sugar in it is usually way more than my hypoglycemic self to handle... so I have a teensy glass here and there. But I found the sans sugar version today, and I grabbed a bottle of the Cranberry Grape, and I am a happy girl.


sue said...

I love reading these up dates, Mandi... keep posting them... and i CAN'T wait to see you.. we head out tomorrow morning!!!!!

Nate & Kas said...

Have you tried light v8 fushion? I love the normal v8 fushion with a PASSION!, but the light is sugar free and gives me a headache... I bought a bottle by mistake of strawberry banana if you want to try it? It's a whole serving of fruit and veggies in one glass!! and it tastes so yummy!